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JC Olivenöl

Twenty years ago

When traveling across Europe twenty years ago, our destination was a small village in the Peloponnese to visit Janin’s mother, Marita, who had lived here for many years. We immediately fell in love with this unique region with its nice and hospitable people. Roads and riverbeds lead from the deep green mountains down into the valley, where juniper bushes, flowers, herbs and countless olive trees with draperies characterize the picture. These trees have been in the family for generations, growing on ancient cultivated land with rootstocks often well over a hundred years old.

Janin’s mother also owned her own olive grove. The oil we tasted here had such a stunning aroma and delicious taste – simply nothing compared to what we have known before. That was when Janins and Claas’ olive oil was born. Because from that moment on we didn’t leave any opportunity to take home from Marita’s wonderful olive oil for us and our friends.

Today, twenty years later, we and friends produce JC olive oil, an organic premium extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, which is one of the best in terms of taste and aroma. We are proud to produce a certified organic product according to the EC Organic Regulation with our partners, who have been tending their olive groves in a sustainable and ecological way for the second generation and thus serve the long-term preservation of the landscape. JC olive oil is certified by the organic control body: DE-ÖKO-009.

❤️ JC Olivenöl Organic has been granted a Silver Award by the Berlin GOOA 2022, Global Olive Oil Awards.