El Milenario

A unique variety from the Axarquia region of Malaga, being Periana the municipality that produces most of this green gold. This oil corresponds to a careful selection of olives of the Verdial variety, harvested during the beginning of the campaign (early November), when the olives are in veraison (between green and purple), resulting in an excellent extra virgin olive oil of intense green color.

About Producer

S.C.A. OLIVARERA Y FRUTERAS SAN ISIDRO, is a cooperative formed by more than 800 families. Our Cooperative is located in the municipality of Periana, core of this unique variety with more than 90% of the production, and a privileged area for the cultivation of the olive tree. The harvest is carried out from the first days of November until March, selecting the olives from the nearly 300,000 olive trees in the municipality.

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S.C.A. Olivarera Y Frutera San Isidro


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Mono Cultivar or Blend

Mono Cultivar


Verdial of Velez-Malaga