Gallo Azeite Bio

Gallo Bio is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a flavour in respect for nature. From the Land to the table, this is an olive oil made from organic olives, carefully selected, for those who seek to make sustainable choices. Authentic and in harmony with nature, a pleasingly fresh and slightly fruity flavour arises.

About Producer

Founded in Portugal in 1919 by a visionary named Victor Guedes, Gallo is synonymous with the Portuguese soul and tradition, which are renewed over time. At Gallo, we have been passionate about olive oil since our origin, and working in this magical world for 100 years. We are currently the number-one Portuguese olive oil brand in the world and the fourth in the world ranking. The reputation of our olive oils is underpinned by solid foundations of quality and a constant search for new knowledge.
We work directly with producers, oil pressing plants, researchers and blenders to learn more about olive oil every day and, therefore, constantly improve the quality of all our products.

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