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Hello Greece extra virgin olive oil from 100% Koroneiki olives is characterized with medium fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. The olive trees are located in approx. 200 altimeter, in Southern Peloponnes close to Kyparissia. There is no irrigation of the trees and the entire cultivation is managed in a very traditional Greek manner. The beautiful design with the wooden cup is not only an eye catcher but makes this product very special – beyond an excellent taste!

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Hello Greece is an initiative with love for everyone who loves olive oil and the mediterian cuisine – 100% FAIR! Together with partners who we have a deep relationship with, we bring the best products from Southern Peleponnes to Germany! The Greeks are the experts for the cultivation. We add our “go-to market expertise” to adress the consumers of a growing olive oil market and offer high end quality. Since 2020 we are proud to own a field of 12.000 sqm and 200 trees in perfect condition. All farmers and partners we cooperate with are selected very carefully – most of them operate their fields already since a couple of generations.

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