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Biodynamic cultivation advances beyond the organic one. It is based on human wisdom taking into consideration the fact that plants are not affected only by the type of soil, water, climate and others but also by the invisible powers existing on earth and the universe. The farmer’s personality, knowledge, and love for his farm play a vital role. Taking all these factors into consideration I have managed to make my farm work as a complete ecosystem with self-sufficiency and production of tasty and healthy products. The standardization of our products takes place in state of the art olive oil bottling facilities, certified with ISO 22000. For the bottling of the olive oil, either glass bottles of 40, 60, 100, 250, 500 ml are used, or metallic containers of 500 ml, in order for the quality and the taste to remain unchanged.

About Producer

My name is Manolis Papadakis. I studied Geology in University of Patra and after finishing my studies I chose to live and work in my village called Kouses. The village is located on one of the hills of Messara plain near Festos antiquities and the picturesque Matala bay. My love for the olive tree and the desire to produce oil of high quality (“Gold Liquid” as Homer called it) led me to search for new ways of improving the production. Initially, I selected the organic cultivation, which I adopted on 1996. However my effort for an even better product resulted in the selection of biodynamic cultivation.

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