Grup Fruits de Ponent has the “Molí d’Alcanó” (within the DOP Les Garrigues) and from where the extra virgin olive oil is made under the brands L’Or de Ponent and KYLATT, the latter of ‘special selection’ . It is a premium extra virgin olive oil, from Arbequina olives from farms previously selected. Kylatt is an oil that was made in early October, early, which gives it the positive attributes of oil and cold milling. It is sold in bottles of 0.500 ml, and its shelf life is approximately 1 year and 6 months.

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Fruits de Ponent is an agrifood cooperative group from Alcarràs (Lleida, Spain) made up of four first-tier cooperatives. Its mission is to produce healthy food for society under the principle of sustainability: taking care of the planet, taking care of people and maintaining the viability of its farming partners’ businesses. Fruits de Ponent is a cooperative and follows the cooperative principles of internal democracy, transparency in management, the training of its members and inter-cooperation. Among the foods it produces are stone and pip fruit, as well as extra virgin olive oil, almonds and cereals.

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Grup Cooperatiu Fruits De Ponent


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