The clarity and purity of our oils comes from olives harvested at the beginning of veraison, selected and processed within the next 6 hours, by a two-phase oil mill with rigorously cold extraction. The careful filtering operation allows the immediate elimination of impurities from the freshly pressed oil, preserving the product from any possible defect. Storage at controlled temperatures and packaging in thick dark glass bottles to avoid the passage of light, the enemy of polyphenols, allows us to obtain the highest quality.

About Producer

This is the claim of Macchia Verde Bio, a family-run organic olive farm from Puglia, which embodies the passion and love for nature that the family puts into its business
every day. These are the basic elements of their project: to transform a simple farm, handed down for generations, into a strictly organic company. This allows Macchia Verde Bio to offer its customers a highly genuine product. An organic olive oil of excellent quality, made with an attention to small details that only craftsmanship allows. This is an oil that respects the environment and its benefits make it a real health elixir!

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Product Information

company name

Macchia Verde Bio Di Scarola Caterina


Platinum Award

Olive Oil Type



Grumo Appula (BA)





Mono Cultivar or Blend



Coratina, Ogliarola