Maleas Estate Premium Blend

Our green olive oil, the olive oil extracted from the green olive crops which are collected in early October is also an extra virgin olive oil of extreme nutritional value for the humans. Through our golden biological techniques, in our modern oil mill- packaging plant, we fully receive its fruity and spicy flavor and special rich scent such as the one of artichoke and cut grass, a combination of scent and flavors that renders it unique. It’s about a rich, natural olive juice which is usually consumed raw. It contains necessary vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants that contribute to the good functioning of the human organism to the most.

About Producer

Our history with olive oil started, continues and is evolving in Doxato, Drama, the place where the third generation of Maleas family not only preserves the Greek family tradition but it is also a leader and innovator, taking care with sophisticated means and developing one of the most precious goods of nature, the olive. ur family business which consists of people with unique experience and love in the field of olive is located in Doxato, Drama. Our fields which have been in the possession of our family for years are in Doxato, Kyrgia and Agora, Drama. We planted new trees in 1980 and our fields now constitute one of the richest and unique olive tree cultivation in Drama.

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Maleas Estate


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