Monteoliva Oro

Monteoliva Oro is the first early havert EVOO of this continuously growing cooperative, cooming from fruits harvested form October 8 st. A selected blend with PDO Baena of Hojiblanca, Pajarera, Carrasqueña and Alameña de Cabra or Castacabra-a native of the área.

About Producer

Founded in May 1949 by small group of farmers, the Virgen de la Sierra de Cabra Olive Growers Cooperative has justo ver a thousand members who provide more tan 7.500 hectares of traditional olive groves distributed in small farms located mainly in Cabra, Gaena and Monturque, in the subbética Cordobesa región, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation. Heir to the rich olive-growing tradition and the famous elaiotecnica expertise of Cabra, considered the geographical center of Andalusia, its EVOOs-filtered and unfiltered- are obtained from a wide variety of olives grown with care and expertise and processed in its modern facilities, being marketed under the brands Monteoliva and Monteoliva Oro, the latter with PDO Baena.

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Cooperativa Olivarera Virgen De La Sierra De Cabra Sca


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