We chose to safeguard our homeopathic olive oil in a respectively unique clay jar. Our bottle has been inspired by the Minoan pottery; not only because pottery is a remarkable ancient art, connected with olives and civilization, but also because the clay pots, in which the Minoans as well used to store and transfer the olive oil, are far more resistant against temperature and environmental changes, consequently to the impact of light, maintaining thus the high quality of this valuable product. Diseases in olive trees and their homeopathic treatment1

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The idea of Olea Homeopathica was born in 2012 in Freiburg, Germany (i.e. the city where I obtained the Heilpraktiker degree a few years ago), during a Homeopathy Congress (World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy [WISH]), when in the first break and while I was taking a look at the homeopathic bibliography, I noticed a book entitled Homeopathy for Farm and Garden by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj. I was so surprised and I felt like an overjoyed kid. Never before had I imagined that homeopathy could have an effect on plants as well. I took the book in my hands and leafed through its pages, trying to absorb all the knowledge it contained.

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Olea Homeopathica


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